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90 Count Mexican Candy Mix

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    • The Mexican Candy Mix has a great 90 count assortment of (SPICY, SWEET, SOUR) candies and snacks. It makes a great gift idea for friends and family on all occasions.
    • Each delicious candy is handpicked from the most popular dulces and popular brands of candies from Mexico.
    • This product will come in a custom variety packaged bag labeled "Mexican Candy Mix ". Inside you will find multiple candy makers brands as this is not a manufacturer-created variety pack. It will be shipped in a Mexican Candy Mix heat sealed bag (as pictured in the listing). Every item is individually wrapped in individual manufacturers' packaging.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 10 reviews
    It's Mexican Candy not American

    All these negative reviews on here are from people trying Mexican candy for the first time without knowing anything about it and they leave biased reviews on it because it was simply something they were not expecting. It is not American candy, it is not super sweet and contains chili powder in a lot of it, so it does not appeal to a lot of American tastes. This bag is a perfect sampler bag if you are wanting to try out Mexican candies because there is such a variety of flavors. I am 100% Caucasian if that matters to readers and I find this candy to be really good! On top of all this, I received a couple emails from the seller that were all extremely kind and helpful and if you are not a fan with the candy you can talk it out with them instead of writing negative reviews.

    A World of Variety for American Sweet-tooths

    Everything arrived A-OK for me, not to discredit the folks whose packages were damaged. It's my first time having any of the candies, except Pelon Pelo Rico--I had some as a kid--, and I found the product when searching for different packages of snacks / candy from various countries. This was a good value, and I liked the candy a lot; the lollipops are all great. The strength of the chili surprised me at first (it would be so much more toned down in American candy), but it still tastes great. You acclimate to it quickly.That's what appealed to me most: there's a lot of bold flavors across spicy, sweet, salty, savory and sour, which is aworld of difference from a lot of American candy. Most of my interest in foreign snacks / candy is looking for more interesting tastes (or textures) than American candy typically offers, and Mexican candy delivers in spades! It's great! The only one that hasn't entirely clicked for me is the Lucas Gusano, but I never even knew about chamoy before, so I still liked trying it.If you're looking for some variety in candy, I recommend giving it a go!

    J Worthington
    Fresh and great variety!

    I bought a bag of Mexican Candy Mix for my students as a reward to on-task behavior. They went crazy and asked for specific candy which the bag contained. I then realized that the variety was enough to meet the requests of 50 high school juniors. Furthermore, they commented on the freshness of everything from the Gomi Pica Mangote to the Pello Pico. Based on student responses, I will certainly be continuing with this brand! As a teacher, I appreciate the cost effectiveness of .35/ candy.

    Rosa Baez

    I was so excited to find an assortment of my favorite Mexican candy all in one bag! When I was reading through the reviews I just laughed when certain people gave it bad stars just because they thought there was something wrong with the candy or it didn’t look tasty. WELL LET ME TELL YOU IF YOU AINT MEXICAN DONT HATE ON OUR FAVORITE CANDY!! The “mold” that someone said they saw in some of the candy which I’m guessing is the pulparindo is actually powder sugar or the “dirt” in one of them is freaking picante like tajin people��. BUT IN ALL HONESTY BUY THIS STUFF IF YOU WANT A VARIETY OF SOME GOOD CANDY. Oh and shoooot you may get a GOLDEN TICKET to get a free bag of candy!!

    Interesting to try!

    I was kinda skeptical about getting this candy pack but I was pleasantly surprise. I really love tamarind and this hit the spot. I love items that are sweet and sour. The spicy was an added bonus. I will say this won’t be everyone’s cup of tea. The Pulparindo candies were a great addition to the Mangonadas I made for Cinco De Mayo. My favorite candy in the whole bag were the Pica gomas watermelon candies. I wish they had more of those in the bag.