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40 Piece Mexican Candy Assortment

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  • This Mexican Candy Mix has a great assortment of (SPICY, SWEET, SOUR) candies and snacks. It makes a great gift idea for friends and family or for any occasion.
  • Each delicious candy is handpicked from the most popular dulces and popular brands of candies from Mexico.
  • This product will come in a custom variety packaged bag labeled "Mexican Candy Mix" Inside you will find multiple candy makers brands as this is not a manufacturer-created variety pack.
  • The candy is shipped in a Mexican Candy Mix heat sealed bag (as pictured in the listing). Every item is individually wrapped in individual manufacturers' packaging. (Bowl not included)
  • The bag is filled with people's favorite Mexican candy picks. Ideal for parties and reunions, especially for kids' events. Also great for satisfying sweet and spicy cravings.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Best candy ever, got 2

Ok so I had to write another review. I know this is out of the ordinary and not normal LOL. But this company right here is so freaking awesome. I just received my second bag of candy earlier than expected and can’t wait to dig in. So just want to tell everyone if you’re interested in purchasing from this store .Go right ahead and put that in your car and purchase. I swear it’s definitely worth it sweet spicy and sour all in one. Thank you again FATIMA for rocking my world .SO.The first bag I order was supposed to be a Christmas gift for a friend. We ended up keeping the bag and OMG can I say I fell Inlove. It’s the perfect blend for anyone who loves sweet sour and spicy. I will definitely be purchasing more.

Great assortment of genuine Mexican candies for that 'little extra' gift.

This package provides a good assortment of genuine Mexican candy and you don't need to find a grocery store that stocks them and then buy a whole bunch of different packets just to get a nice assortment treat.If you are looking for candy reminiscent of a Mexican vacation, a period of living in Mexico, or a Mexican childhood, this is a great assortment sure to please. Just be aware, they are Mexican candies (some are a bit spicy) just like they are in Mexico.Well worth trying.

Andrew H
Cool Gift Idea

I ordered this assortment to use as stocking stuffers for Christmas. I thought it would be neat for the kids and Grandkids to be able to try something they had never had.When my package arrived It was a nice assortment of candy that I'm sure none of them had ever tried before.I also received a Golden Ticket in my bag, which entitled me to another bag for FREE!I redeemed the Golden Ticket, and when the free bag arrived I tried some myself. I really like what I've tried so far, and would recommend to anybody looking for a unique gift or to try something new.

Maria Kelly
Just as good as my childhood memories; but not for everyone

Ever since my family moved from Southern California, we’ve missed some of the products that were easy to find there. The candy was just as delicious as I remembered .I will note that this candy is not for everyone and there are some important things to consider before ordering. These are not the flavors that you might be used to. It’s mostly mango and tamarind flavors and a lot of the candy might be too spicy for some children.

Caryn Jackson
Interesting, different, and yummy!

I've been on a kick lately, trying snacks from different countries. I saw this candy from Mexico, and thought, why not? I am really glad I did! All the candy is individually wrapped, and also in a resealable bag, which is pretty handy. Everything I've tried so far has been fresh, tasty, and most of it is different than what we have here in the US. Tamarind is becoming my favorite flavor of candy, and it's really interesting when spicy chilies are combined with sweet candy. The only thing that is just a little bit disappointing (which I don't hold against the seller or product, because it tells you what is included) is that there isn't any kind of chocolate. If there were at least a couple (or fifteen lol) pieces of chocolate, that would make this perfect. There were a few things that had substitutions, which the replaced items were comparable so I don't mind that at all, and I actually got a few more than the 32 pieces that the description said were included. Bonus! All in all, I am quite happy, and would purchase again.