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Organic White Masa Harina - 5lbs

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  • Make your own tamales and tortillas at home! It's fun and easy with authentic corn masa harina, a flavorful stone ground cornmeal that's been precooked with limewater to make the dough pliable and more digestible than regular cornmeal. A traditional food in Mexico for centuries, masa is also wonderful in recipes that call for cornmeal.

Customer Reviews

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Patricia N.

Made wonderful tamales, will definitely purchase again

Delicious organic masa with a tamale recipe!

Although I live in an area of high Latino population where there are AMAZING markets, I could not find Organic Masa to make tamales from scratch. This is a fair price, made my first ever scratch chicken tamales, and there was even a recipe on the back of the bag! Will be buying this regularly!

the way masa harina is meant to taste

Authentic flavor - masa harina used for cornbread recipes, tamales, tortillas, waffles, polenta (sweet and savory), pancakes (sweet and savory). Anything calling for cornmeal, this has worked for and the flavor is superior and the digestibility (according to research) is better because it's been nixtamalized. Worth every penny (at 5 bag). Stores well for a number of months (in a pop-top airtight container) made by a very famOus X cOmpany.


Since we moved from SoCal, we realized we are picky with the quality of our tortillas and decided the best and freshest ones are the ones you make yourself. As it turned out, they are easy to make and so delicious... not only are they fast to produce with a tortilla press but they also allow us to control the ingredients we put in. This masa harina is very good.


The main reason I chose this was because it is organic and I do not want to use regular corn in anything if I can help it. I used to buy the prepared masa at grocery stores and this is the first time I've tried making masa from a dry flour. I bought this to make tamales and it is wonderful. They turned out nice and fluffy with perfect texture. I followed the instructions on the bag to get the right proportions of oil to masa and it worked great. The olive oil makes very good masa and I like that I do not have to use an unhealthy fat and they still turn out fantastic. I liked that the masa came in five 1 pound bags instead of one big 5 pound bag. It makes it convenient to use just what I need and the rest is sealed for freshness. I will buy this again!