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Organic Tricolor Quinoa - 3 lbs

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  • FOR A HEALTHY DIET Our quinoa is a superfood that is 100% natural, USDA Certified Organic, non-GMO, and gluten-free. Traditionally used in breakfasts and stews, today it is an essential staple throughout the world and the perfect replacement for brown and white rice.
  • A TASTE YOULL LOVE This single-source Peruvian quinoa is all-natural, so you get clean, pure, and nourishing food that complements any diet. Its lower saponin content provides superior sweetness for every recipe.
  • HELPS CONTROL BLOOD SUGAR This Ancient Grain of the Andes has a low glycemic index. It is slowly digested and absorbed by the body, resulting in a slower and smaller rise in blood sugar levels.
  • EASY TO PREPARE Add 1 part quinoa and 2 parts water with a pinch of salt. Lightly wash, then add to boiling water. Cook for 15 minutes over low heat. This product has a shelf life of one and a half years.
  • SINGLE SOURCE- Our quinoa is grown, harvested, and packaged in Peru. It is then shipped straight to America's kitchens.


Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Delicious and beautifully colorful

This quinoa has everything going for it. It's organic, it's fresh (the best buy date is over a year and a half in the future), it's delicious, its presentation is beautiful since it's tri-color, and the company that supplies it has a nonprofit that supports opportunities for children in Peru. It's hard for me to imagine using any other quinoa product.

Grace Kim
Delicious Quinoa

This quinoa is very good in taste and quality. I really enjoy eating it.

Cen Dra Po

Very flavorful and versatile. I’ve cooked it plain and with added vegetables.

Just My Op
Delicious and Pretty, Easy to Cook

I've used a lot of quinoa over the past several years, and quinoa of various colors. This tri-colored mix is really nice. The quinoa is nice and clean. It cooks up fluffy and tasty. And it cooks quickly. To me, the different colors of quinoa do have a slightly different taste, but not a huge difference. To me, this mixture is especially nice because not only does it taste good, it's very pretty. And nutritionally, it's a powerhouse. It's a good way to get extra plant protein into your diet. Of course, being organic is always a plus in my household.This package recommends washing before use, and you can't skip that. I wash even the quinoa that says it's pre-washed. If you don't, it can be bitter. So always wash your quinoa under running water, no matter what the package says.

Tri-colored quinoa

This is a three pack tri-colored quinoa set. I really appreciate the fact that they’re individually packaged by pound so you can open one at a time or should you want to gift when you can. When it says tri-colored it just means that the quinoa comes in three different colors which adds a lot of texture and color to your dish. I use a lot of quinoa in my kitchen for different purposes it is high in fiber and protein and super yummy if you know how to work with. I like to use it as a rice substitute for dinner I also like adding it to salads Cinemark filling dish. You can use quinoa to also make little quinoa cakes. I’ve also heard of people using quinoa to blend up and add it as a flower I will try that in the future and update this review. This quinoa set is organic which is a huge plus it is also kosher and vegan. He was a great addition to a dinner plate and I will attach a photo that shows how I used it. This quinoa is a great quality quinoa it’s clean and like any other quinoa I seen if you have not added Kim juan to your pantry I highly recommend giving it a try. All you have to do is boil it as you would with rice and once the water evaporates your quinoa is ready if you’re using it in the salad I recommend letting It cool off before adding it.