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Organic White Masa Harina - 2 lbs

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  • Make your own tamales and tortillas at home. It’s fun and easy with authentic corn masa, a flavorful stone ground cornmeal that’s been precooked with limewater to make the dough pliable. Masa is also wonderful in recipes that call for cornmeal.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Very tasty!!

Love it!! It taste like an arepa!! Im from Colombia and I make my arepas with this corn meal!! Love that doesn’t contain those nasty GMO’s!!

Great gluten free product

This was amazing! Used for arepas and pizza dough! It’s so hard to find good gluten free alternatives. This is a high quality option

Sacred food. Tastes good.

This American ancestral food is both tasty and nourishing. I tend to be lazy and just make a quick porridge of the stuff, but I have also had great success in making tortillas. Despite what some people say, this is nearly essential for most Americans, it is the sustaining crop of our land. Research corn and you'll see modern health weirdos saying its acidic and creates fungal problems. For valid reasons...The problem often with acidity is overconsumption of animal products and caffeine.The fungal stuff...Well, that is a general concern with the storage techniques of mass produced corn products....This I isn't really a huge conpany...And I suppose I avoid it if you find it as a temporary hindrance with your health. Minerals, raw greens, veggies, fruits, algaes, and probiotics all are very alkalizing and a great contrast to grains.So- experience this product and understand your ancestral connection to the US land. Stay in touch folks!I alternate between this and the blue masa which is higher in antioxidants and proteins.

J. L.
delicious corn flavor

so much better than grocery store masa harina, delicious and rich corn flavor

Auntie Sunshine
I love that it's organic and it is so good

I have tried other brands, but prefer this one. It is perfect for all my masa needs!